Saturday, 18 June 2016

15 Health Benefits of Muntingia Fruit For Treating Diabetes And Uric Acid

Muntingia calabura, the sole species in the genus Muntingia, is a flowering plant native to southern Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and western South America south to Peru and Bolivia.Common names include (English) Jamaican cherry, Panama berry, Singapore cherry, Sabah cherry, Bajelly tree, Strawberry tree; (Spanish) bolaina, yamanaza, cacaniqua, capulín blanco, nigua, niguito, memizo or memiso; (Indonesia) kersen, talok; (Vietnamese) (cây) Trứng cá; and (Filipino) aratilis, and sarisa.

Every 100 grams of cherry has a content which is divided as follows: Water (77.8 grams), Protein (0,384 grams), fat (1.56 gram), carbohydrate (17.9 grams), fiber (4.6 grams), Abu (1.14 grams), calcium (124.6 mg), phosphorus (84mg), iron (1.18 mg), Carotene (0,019g), Tianin (0,065g), Ribofalin (0,037g), Niacin (0.554 g) and the content of vitamin C (80.5 mg) value of energy produced is 380KJ / 100 grams.

Well if you talk to nutritional problems, in every 100 grams of this plant contain: 76.3 g of water, 2.1 g protein, 2.3 g fat, 17.9 g carbohydrate, (, 0 g fiber, 1.4 g ash , 125 mg calcium, 94 mg phosphorus, 0,015 mg of vitamin A, 90 mg of vitamin C. The energy is 380 kJ / 100 g

Here are some Benefits of Muntingia Fruit :

  1. Treat gout
  2. cure diabetes
  3. Relieve flu symptoms
  4. Seizures or rigid in the digestive tract due to gastritis and diarrhea
  5. As antibacterial or antiseptic
  6. Lowering high blood pressure
  7. Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood
  8. fight infection
  9. Anti-tumor
  10. Increase endurance so as not to get sick
  11. Relieves headache
  12. killer microbes
  13. The water content in the fruit cherry can restore the skin's natural moisture so that the skin will continue to look fresh
  14. Prevent and cure a cough
  15. Overcoming inflammation

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